Keep Creating: Andy Bardon

Andy Bardon is a commercial adventure photographer and National Geographic contributor. Have we mentioned he also climbed Mount Everest?

We traveled to Wyoming to shoot a video featuring Andy for Florida-based brand Real Thread.


In order to do justice to the breathtaking landscapes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we used a Sony A7sii with a Canon EF 24-70mm lens. Other scenes were shot with a 28mm Sony FE lens as wellas 50mm Rokinon Cine lens.

To match the joyful and modern characteristics of the Real Thread aesthetic, we shot this on location in the colorful and modern setting of the Health Village in Orlando, Florida.

All scenes were shot with a Sony A7sii shot handheld or on a Zhiyun Crane gimbal for stabilization. The majority of scenes were shot with a 50mm Rokinon Cine Lens on location in Orlando, Florida.